for your home consultation or an estimate to stage your home, please contact:

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after staging

before staging

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in-home or in-office consultations and home staging services range in price based on the square footage of the home and the type of home staging service that a home owner needs and wants. $et-2-$ell home$taging will work with the property owner and recommend the best solution based on budget and other factors.

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  • a staging consultation provides a detailed report of every room in the home and the exterior. it specifies everything to be done to get the property in staged condition. action items are prioritized
  • a consultation is priced from $250 for homes up to 2500 square feet, and the cost increases incrementally for homes over 2500 square feet
  • staging services for occupied homes are based on time to complete. staging services apart from the initial consultation are priced hourly. the hourly rate is $150.
  • how soon do you get paid with amazon seller

how soon do you get paid with amazon seller

costs for staging vacant properties differ from occupied. bids are made and if accepted, usually take into consideration the following:

  • average cost is about 1% of asking price of property
  • staging is good for the average time on market for neighborhood for a property in the price range of listing to be sold
  • includes furniture, accessories, artwork, rugs and the like
  • loading, unloading, pick-up, travel
  • staging
  • and only priority rooms are staged


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how soon do you get paid with amazon seller

staging is much more than making the property a clean slate.

staging is the act of preparing a property prior to going up for sale.

staging is the act of preparing a property prior to going up for sale.

staging focuses on improving a property to make it welcoming, appealing, and attractive to the largest generic audience of potential buyers. staging often raises the value of a property by way of repairs, furniture and accessory placement, renovations, and landscaping. for vacant homes, rental furniture and accessories help to highlight the property’s architectural features.

properly executed staging leads the eye to attractive features while minimizing flaws. staging isn’t decorating, interior design or re-design. staging is depersonalizing or neutralizing the home to feature the property’s architecture.

decorating or design is based on one’s personal style. property owners personalize their space when they put their mark on it, and while they are occupying it, that’s great.

a potential buyer, however, needs to be able to see him or herself living in the pace—that is, the buyer must be able to see how the property satisfies his or her own individual needs. so, a personalized property can destroy a sale when it’s placed on the market to sell.

how soon do you get paid with amazon seller

how soon do you get paid with amazon seller

how soon do you get paid with amazon seller

where do buyer’s look first for potential properties?

  • 90% or more of buyers look to the internet first in their search for a new property
  • pics say a thousand words
  • there is no second chance to make a first impression
  • pics and the property’s description are the property’s “resume” to get buyers interested

whether you have a home or business property to sell, staging is as critical to the real estate industry just as inspections or appraisals are.  
staging accomplishes two things:

  • it is key to marketing the property
  • it makes it sellable
  • it makes it sellable
    • depersonalizes the space
    • defines the purpose of each room
    • creates interest and staying power
    • highlights the architecture of the home

the non-staged property has a number of financial risks that the staged property may not have. for example, a non-staged property may be on the market much longer than a staged one. it may have excessive showings. there is the potential for many more negotiation points and the potential for additional marketing expenses for both the realtor and property owner.

the staged property, however, is on the market a shorter time than the non-staged property and has fewer price negotiation points. both the realtor and property owner see improved profit margins and there are fewer marketing expenses for both the realtor and owner.

how soon do you get paid with amazon seller

the home stager’s goal is exactly the same as the realtor’s – to sell the property quickly and at the best price.

how soon do you get paid with amazon seller

you have the opportunity to have “staging to live” or redesign consultation and services if you want and like the look of staging but still plan to live in the property. contact us to schedule a consultation appointment.

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before & after staging photos - occupied properties:

before & after staging photos - vacant properties:

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